★ Review ☆ Run From You: Run series #2 by Kandice Michelle Young

Now, before I get to the details of the book, I think I need to mention this.
It’s no secret that I wasn’t too much a fan of the first instalment, Run to You, because of how it was so similar to Fifty Shades and This Man series, but as I also said in that review, Kandice has a lot of potential. I know this to be true.

The first 10% of Run from you had me shaking my head, and really wondering if I made the right choice to accept the ARC. It was predictable, tiresome and well, a complete replica of Christian Grey in a knock off suit with a new name.

But then something happened.

I can’t tell you what happened via the story because it wasn’t a single thing. It’s like the author’s writing changed, it grew and with it, so did Sebastian and Dani.

This book has all the depth, the detail and the heart that I found missing in book 1.
While my heart is falling for Sebastian, I can not say I am feeling Kyle at all.

I feel I should also mention one scene in particular. There is a VERY hot scene that’s played out in Windom that involves a blade. Writing something as risky as a knife scene takes some balls, but ultimately being able to pull it off how Kandice did is amazeballs, it literally gave me chills ❤️

Dani is running from Sebastian after he broke her trust by pushing her boundaries, pushing her right back into old habits of alcohol and sex, which takes her right back to the one person she knows she can use to make herself feel better.

Kyle, the guitar playing Rock-God who has loved her from the start.

As Dani’s past resurfaces, she finds herself bouncing back and forth between Kyle and Sebastian. While her heart belongs to Sebastian, she is convinced they can not work. With his secrets holding her at arms length and Alana’s vicious ways, she decides she needs to let go and move on with Kyle.

He saved her from herself years ago, he has always been able to make her forget the pain of her past without pushing her for the knowledge of what caused it. He’s safe.
But she can’t resist the hold Sebastian has over her. She doesn’t really want to.

Kyle is done waiting. He doesn’t care that Dani loves only Sebastian, he wants to claim her anyway he can. He isn’t going to let her run from him again, he isn’t giving up easily this time. Not even when she chooses Sebastian.

But neither is Sebastian.
He knows he messed up, and there is nothing he won’t do to make it up to Dani. He is relentless, but damaged. He knows he needs to let down his walls with Dani or lose her for good. She is his light, she’s the only woman he has ever truly loved.

But what happens when the trust is gone, how do you get it back?

Windom. The place that requires complete trust.

Between the love triangle of Sebastian, Dani and Kyle, we get to have some more time with some other side characters, which seems to have their own story to tell.
Geoff and his partner Jon, Dani’s new assistant Piper and her own love problems. Dani’s family and some insight into the Black family.

Let’s not forget the sick and twisted Walter … This man made my skin crawl at every mention of him.
Walt is back and he is messing with Dani.
Still having a paralysing effect on Dani, Walt does everything he can to intimidate her, scare her, letting her know that he still owns her, that she is “worthless.”

The angst, the heartbreak, spilled secrets, and the complete sickening destruction from both Sebastian and Dani’s pasts come head on in this book, can these two get to their happily every after?

I guess we just have to wait and see.

*This book has a cliffhanger that left me checking with Kandice that she didn’t accidentally forget a chapter 😉

I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us.

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