★ Review ☆ Savage Heart by Sara Fawkes #RidingDesire

Savage Heart. 76pg ebook

God damn! 
This is a book that I Need more of. 
It’s not a want, it’s a Must!
Eve is looking for the story of her career, one that will land her the job she’s been working too hard for. Her story takes her to a local motorcycle club, digging for some dirt on some of the men, she uncovers something she never dreamed of, Ash. The smoking hot dark-haired, blue-eyed biker.
Ash is highly respected in the club, being the son of the president holds some sway, the club is first for him, as it should be. Or could something be changing for him? 

“Savages Forever …. Forever Savage” 


The connect is instant between them, and Ash makes it know he wants her, on more than one occasion, and makes sure he shows up everywhere, planting himself in her life. 
As things heat up between these two, Eve realizes the dangers she has exposed herself to for the sake of her desire to have Ash and is left in the middle of a War. 
Ash is faced with his clubs worry over Eve’s job. Concerned she may turn on them and give her story of what she has seen, the club questions Ash on what to do about her, ending with execution if she can’t keep quiet. 

Eve now has everything she wants, the perfect story to give her the career that she wants, but she also wants her dark knight.

Which will she choose?

Her career or her man? 
Grab this story, yes it’s short, but I promise you, it is well worth it. 

Plus, there is another one coming soon, Savage Pride!

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