★ Review ☆ Seal To Seal: Binding Cause Book 2 L.P. Lindeman

Title: Seal To Seal
Series: Binding Cause Book 2
Author: L.P. Lindeman

Great continuing story to Binding Cause.
This story will confirm why Trask, Riley and Jade fit together.
Jade is awesome in this story what a tough girl she is would have made Trask and Riley proud they way she handled herself when she was kidnapped.
I was really impressed with her and her tough demeanour.
“Oh blood again, my favourite food group, don’t act like you don’t  take it up the ass, you fucker.”
Never been a fan of her due to jealousy on my part, hello she has two alpha males fucking her. All her men has come together to rescue her, father, brothers, her lovers and Riley old seal mates.
A man from Riley past has come into play and is determine to destroy Riley and everything he loves.
A lot of men fucking in this story MM action is off the hook.
I’m Team Trask all the way that man turns me on in so many ways. The way he knows how to give Riley what he needs is swoon worthy.


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