★ Review ☆ Seeded by the Tentacle Monster by Sasha Storm

Title: Seeded by the Tentacle Monster
Series: Monsters of the Deep #2
Author: Sasha Storm



Alrighty so I know I’ve missed the first book, but this is the one that was assigned to me. It wasn’t terribly hard to get the idea of what happened in book #1.

Amelia is trying to adjust to her life after meeting the tentacle monster who everyone is sure she imagined. After a suggestion from her therapist she is off to a Caribbean resort to face her fears of the water and what is lurking underneath.

It doesn’t take long before she is face to . . . . tentacle with the monster of her dreams, and wildest fantasies, and boy does things heat up real fast in the dark depths of the ocean.
Tentacle dude and Amelia have a deep mental and physical connection that leaves her begging him (?) to fill each and every possible orifices with his long sucker covered tentacles and give her an orgasm like no other.

His goal is simple, fill his fertile Queen with his seed and hope for the best.

“Amelia was still riding the waves of her orgasm when the creature spurted its seed into her: flowing down her throat, filling her ass, stuffing and then spilling out of her pussy. Its semen was voluminous, a much greater quantity than the last time they’d been together.”

Now, I may be needing a little session with Dr Mason himself, but damn I want to read more. I need to know, does she have a baby tentacle? A baby human? A baby hybrid hum-acle? Someone contact Sasha Storm and let her know, we need the ending, we NEED to know!


Want to read all about this hot and bizarre love story of a tentacle creature and a human?
Perhaps you should start at the start.

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#3, Pregnant by the Tentacle Monster –  Amazon 
#4, [Still] Knocked Up by the Tentacle Monster –  Amazon

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