★ Review ☆ Slave to Love by Julie A Richman

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Slave To Love
by Julie A Richman

My first read from Julie A Richman.
Sierra Stone is a great female character and one I enjoyed reading about.
Most author don’t write strong females so I usually don’t pay attention to them.
Sierra Stone is a tough, hard working, kick ass businesswomen and because of these attributes her boss loans her out to his VIP client Hale Lundstrom

He’s in lust upon meeting Sierra with her curvy ass and long legs, he  inappropriately touches her ass he didn’t mean to by his own admission he was looking at her great ass and kinda lost his mind.
Unfortunately in her occupation she wants to be known for her skills in the boardroom, not bedroom so she’s offended telling him “I don’t shit where I eat.”
He’s very remorseful as it wasn’t something he intended to do, make her feel like a whore.

She’s not going to mix pleasure with business so she fends off any suggestion from him that they should hook up, she worked way too hard to be seen as a slut,  not until the project they are working on is done anyways.

He try his best to woo her without over crossing the line.
They have fun working together and are focused on getting the project done. Flirty sexy bantering between the two shows they are both more than interested and attracted to each other.

Great read from this author and I look forward to more from Julie.
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