★ Review ☆ Spencer by Kerry Heaven



Title: Spencer 

Author: Kerry Heavens 

Love the Twitter dating aspect of this story, made this story interesting.

There’s great interaction with Spencer and Jazz she gets to know him via Twitter and has built an ideal of what she thinks he is like, upon actually meeting him she finds him arrogant, not charming and just a plain ass.

She hates him and can’t believe the guy she has been flirting with on Twitter is the same guy.

He doesn’t like her very much and thinks she’s a spoiled princess bitch.

He’s intrigued by her though and tries to entice her in fucking him, she wants nothing to do with him but her vagina has other plans it does her thinking for her.

She is in lust with him as he is with her she doesn’t want to want him but unfortunately her vagina wants him.  They have amazing ‘I hate you sex’ and can’t get enough of each other.

I loved the Twitter sex dialogue I thought it was well done and again made the story interesting.  The author could have done the whole book that way and I would have been okay with it.

Great story from this author and I would definitely read other books from her.


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