★ Review ☆ Stalemate by Rose Sawyer


Rose Sawyer 

I chose this book purely because a few things grabbed me. 
Cat and mouse, deadly assassin, seeking vengeance which leads into the arms of Alex King who will become a pawn in her game of revenge.

So when you read this you have certain expectations.  

Unfortunately this fell very short of those expectations. 

There was no excitement I should have been jumping out of my chair reading this book.  It should have dived deeper into the deadly assassin aspect.

The one thing I did like was Alex and Ellie. They flirt, they fuck, they familiarize themselves with each other’s body and they fall hard.

To me this is the best part of the book and it was done well, however I felt it concentrated too much on their sex life then anything else. 

A good portion of the book focused on that, not saying that’s a bad thing but you have a girl who trained to be an assassin that alone could have made this book great.

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