★ Review ☆ Stepdaddy Savage by Charleigh Rose


Stepdaddy Savage
by Charleigh Rose 

I would love to see who their target readers were for this book, what do you need to be into, smutty and taboo I get but I found this story disturbing.

I have no issue with the relationship between step dad and step daughter. He married her mother for other reason than love and he never had sex with her.

My issue is when they start a relationship now that she has hit 18 and she calls him daddy. I know this is supposed to be a smutty taboo read but come on calling her step dad ‘daddy’ while she’s fucking him.

Are we suppose to get turn on by this?

There’s a fine line between hot and sexy and taboo and smutty. When you  start a sexual relationship with an older man who is your father figure and you’re in love, please for the love of god do not call him ‘daddy’ during sex OR him saying ‘do you want daddy’s cock’.

That is neither sexy or hot.

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