★ Review ☆ Strong Signal: Cyberlove #1 by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

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Strong Signal
Cyberlove #1
by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

This book . . . . Bloody hell is it hot!
This is my first read of both authors and they didn’t disappoint.

Garrett is oversea’s on his final tour and he can not wait to be done and back home where he can figure out what he is going to do next.
All he knows he wants more for himself than his small hometown can offer.

Garrett is over everything lately, especially being in Afghanistan and finds his only escape in online playing FWO (Fallen World Online.)
That is until his character is killed off by someone more experienced than he is.

Garrett is pissed beyond belief and takes it upon himself to do some investigating on the guy. Which leads him to gamer celebrity, Kai.

Kai had social anxiety, but after avoiding it for so many years, it has morphed into something like agoraphobia, where he hasn’t left his house in years. But for Kai, that is fine, he has made a name for himself online in the gaming community and gets paid enough that he doesn’t need to leave the house.

He has everything he wants within his home. . . . except love.

What starts as Garrett trying to give Kai a piece of his mind and maybe get even with him, leads him to a friendship neither one of them thought they would have.

Garrett’s over protectiveness and down right depression of being on tour makes Kai let down his guard with him, he is the lightness that Garrett needs. Boy, do things heat up after that.

Emails, sexy chats and steaming hot skype calls are just the beginning. But when Garrett hints at them meeting when he gets home, Kai starts to distance himself, fearing Garrett won’t like the man he is behind the computer screen.

When Garrett show’s up unannounced, Kai has a total meltdown. But Garrett isn’t willing to just walk away from something he knows can be great.

While this is a hot and dirty read, these two face some real problems. Coming out, anxiety, depression, separation, unemployment and of course, heartache.

But love always finds a way, right?

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