★ Review ☆ The Baller by Vi Keeland

Title: The Baller
Author: Vi Keeland
Rating: 3.5 Kinky Heels.
3 isn’t enough but 4 is just a bit too much
I’m not a huge fan of sport reads but there was something about this blurb that piqued my interest and made me want to read this book.  
Brody is a hot, sexy, cocky, arrogant quarterback who charms you with his  flirting ways, he likes to tell Delilah a sportscaster how he wants it.
He accidentally drops his towel as she’s interviewing him asking her ‘is that how big you thought it was.
Delilah doesn’t know how to takes this guy assuming he does this to every woman with a pulse.  
He shamelessly flirts with her, flipping a coin he tells her ‘heads you give me it, tails I get yours. Told you shameless.
He’s hilarious in how he flirts with her lots of sexual innuendos, funny moments and more Brody making her freaking swoon.  Sometimes his remark may off as crossing the line but I thought it was endearing.  This is a great read that I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed. 


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