★ Review ☆ Tiger Shark by LP Lovell

4KHTiger Shark
by LP Lovell

3.5 Kinky Heels

When I started reading this book I found it hard to put down, it’s so rare to read about strong female character. 

This had me intrigued, what a woman in the business world has to do to earn respect.  

Georgia sets her rules very high and won’t break them for anyone not even for sex on a stick Landon.  He’s everything you want in a man only problem is he’s her boss and she don’t bite the hand that feeds her.

I liked this book you have a strong independent woman who is attracted to her boss but doesn’t want to compromised her integrity,  I loved seeing her conflicted with her attraction.  

It’s a situation she’s can’t control and she’s all about control.  It’s makes for an interesting read with the will she just let her walls down and just let go.

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