★ Review ☆ Tortured, Tortured Soul #1 by Kate Givans

“Those moments of loss and death were hell on the soul; no amount of love or life could make the pain less hurtful, but they were the moments that carried you through, gave you strength to fight another day.”

I am always a little nervous starting a new book from a new author who’s work isn’t the typical book I read. With nothing but a single quote, I decided to give it a go, boy was I surprised.

Kate is a Very promising author, and I for one am very excited to follow along with her journey.

“We all suffer from scars of torment. Some are just made more visible than others.”


Josh is dealing with a lot of grief after the accident where he lost his best friend,  an accident he feels responsible for and can not move past. He goes through the motions of life, but he isn’t really living it. He has shut out everyone in his life and decided to pretty much give up on life.

Then he meets her…..

“Standing on the ledge of the arched concrete bridge, arms spread wide, she looked like a bird about to take flight. I probably would have taken more time to admire the auburn curls whipping around her upturned face, the absolute freedom she seemed to embody in that moment, had it not looked like she was about to jump.”


Willow, the free spirited girl who is set on having fun, living life to the fullest and is set on including Josh in that. Even if he doesn’t want it.

The more he pulls away, the more she shows up and reinforces that she can be his friend. She is determined to remind him just how fun life can be and that love can come crashing through when you least expect it.

“I inhaled it on a sharp breath and tried to remind myself of all the reasons I didn’t need to get involved with her. But one nagging question kept running through my head: Who is this girl, and what is she doing to me?”


With her infectious carefree attitude, it isn’t long before Josh can’t get her off his mind. The undeniable attraction, the connection that draws them together grows stronger with every turn of the page and Josh is left with his heart wanting the patient, bubbly and compassionate gypsy, who forced herself into his life, opening his eyes once again. And she wants him…
The only problem is, Willow has a world of secrets that she can’t share, leaving Josh in the dark about her entire life.
Does he hold on with all his might to show Willow that she can trust him with her life, or move on and learn to live without the girl who brought him back to life?

I guess you will have to pick it up to find out 😉

“Even if someone had handed me a map, shown me the way back to life without Willow, I wouldn’t have redirected my course. I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. That’s the funny thing about love. Sometimes you’re head over heels long before you’ve even have the chance to register the fall.”


Kate Givans has a wonderful way of making you empathize with the characters, makes you believe their stories and leaves you crazy with frustration at waiting for the next installment.I actually had a few days break between finishing the story and actually getting the review in place, my original review was;

 “He was… she’s awww… And now he ….. But she’s being …. Cow! ;)”

Oh, I will warn you all, my thought on seeing the words “The End”?
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