★ Review ☆ Twisted by Lola Smirnova (DNF 45%)

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Twisted by Lola Smirnova. DNF 45%

I really wanted to love this book.
From the second I read the blurb, which is incredible, I needed to read it. Amazon and the author state this is based on actual events, which was another draw for me with this book.

This is a story about a Ukraine sex worker who tells you tales of what it is like in that profession in the 90’s. This book isn’t for the faint hearted. It is very graphic, raw and indeed sickening with some of the things that come up in their professions. But lets face it, we all know that that lifestyle would hold some truly shocking horror stories.

My problem with this is that for me is firstly, the heroine doesn’t grow as a person. The story doesn’t have a point to it. It is just story after story of horrific tales

This isn’t a story, there is no plot, no build up, no conclusion. I felt like I was reading a sex workers journal of many of the shocking moments she and her fellow co-workers had. Which does not float my boat.

Had this been labelled a documentary / journal, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it.


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