★ Review ☆ Twisted Perception: Flawed Book 2 by T.L Smith

Title: Twisted Perception
Series: Flawed Book 2
Author: T.L Smith 

This story is a one of a kind.  
Aria is like no other female character I have ever read. What’s outstanding about  this author, she shows no fear when it comes to this story, it’s not a fairy tale, but has a fairy tale ending.  Mika is a great male counterpart for Aria he doesn’t take any of her shit and is in lust with her as much as she is with him.  
Ballsy, dominate, bad ass and a great fuck are usually male trait, add shorts and heels you have Aria.  The things she is able to do would make you shudder, this girl has no fears and has balls the size of any man’s.  Aria has become a fave female character. I usually never give the female character any thought, but in this case I could not ignore her.  Love, love loved her.
(November 13th)
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