★ Review ☆ Unconventional: The Manhattanites #4 by Avery Aster


The Manhattanites #4

By Avery Aster

Can I just say “BUY IT NOW!”
No? Argh! Okay, I will try making sense. 

You hear “ménage” and automatically think “hot ass, balls-to-the-wall, non stop three-way sex”, right? Well don’t get too excited there because Unconventional is Not that type of story. Well, not completely. 

Jemma has been threw hell and back recently and that has left her a little deflated and feeling less then her normal confident and sexy self and left an enormous  strain on her relationship. After the flop of her newest fashion line, her two boyfriends and her Manhattanites have decided enough is enough, Luigi and Rocco have kidnapped her and taken her on a much needed (and public) vacation. 

The hot and steamy “sexual safari.” 6 weeks, 4 destinations and a lot of sex to help Jemma’s clothing line and more importantly, help her get back to her confidence and to try and salvage her relationship with the loves of her life. 

Who can make a poly relationship work so perfectly? Duh, Avery mother-fudging Aster! 

This is a mind-blowing, hilarious, hot and emotional story that has it all including the walking sex goddess, the hot alpha and the sensitive soul that make up the most wonderful partnership. 

To say I’ve been hanging to hear more from Jemma and her two panty melting hotties, Luigi and Rocco, is an understatement. And as always, Avery delivers. 

Seriously, I Flove Avery! I am yet to read something that hasn’t made me fall even more I love with The Manhattanites. And if by chance you are reading this Avery, I Flove you to the moon and back for your unique, crazy, loving, hot emotional and down right hilarious escapes you provide for us! One day I will get my butt over there just so I can squeeze you! 

*ARC provided by the Author via NetGalley for an honest review* 

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(Jan 26, 2016)
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