★ Review ☆ Unraveled: Tortured Soul #2 by Kate Givans

Let me start by saying, this is NOT a standalone. If you haven’t read book #1, Tortured, then you aren’t going to understand or enjoy this book. I encourage you to not read this review is you haven’t read book #1, as there will be some spoilers in here.

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Tortured is Josh’s story . . . .

In Tortured we meet Willow, the fun loving, free spirited red head who pulls Josh out of his reclusive state after an accident that took the life of his best friend. An accident Josh feels responsible for. Willow shows him how to smile, how to let go and live again. How to love.

But just as fast as she blows into his life, she is ripped out of it, leaving Josh wondering what happened, where she is and if he will ever see her again.

Unraveled is Willow’s story . . . .

Willow’s story is a little different from book #1, it is told in past and present, which I feel has executed perfectly. It gives Willow the chance to explain her actions, secrecy, and her past.

Willow lost her mother at a young age, leaving her to take care of her brother Cole and sister, Mya. Sure, her drunken, mentally and physically abusive father was there, but Willow did all she could to keep herself and her siblings unnoticed by him until the day she could pack Cole and Mya and disappear.

She has been on the run ever since, never staying in one place too long, never making friends and certainly never thinking of falling in love. Until Josh. He made her forget all the terrible demons of her past and let her feel safe, protected.

And then her world came crashing down around her. She did the only thing she knew. She ran. This time she’s headed for California. If she can’t have Josh, she might as well have a piece of a place he loves. This is a place for fresh starts all around, and more life altering changes for Willow.

Willow and Cole made an agreement, that when Winnie, their RV, retired, it was time for Cole to move on and start a normal life for himself. A life Cole doesn’t want without his sisters. Willow doesn’t give him a choice when she and Mya leave him behind.
Willow believes she is doing what is best for them all, but could that be a huge mistake?

Grab it and find out!
Kate doesn’t pull out any stops, she tells it like it is and drives it home with one hell of a story with such a phenomenally strong and selfless heroine.
This story is left on a cliffhanger, one I want to seriously shake the next book from Kate 😉

Unraveled is an emotional read. Trust me when I say this, get your tissues ready. From anger to love to heart wrenching and right down to leaving your skin crawling in a few parts.

Kate has out done herself in this book, by far her best work to date.
Now the wait for Mended. Oh and Cole’s sexy, brooding story where he runs off for some wild fun with Maso, right Kate? Hehe a girl can dream, right? 😉

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