★ Review ☆ Walker: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 1 by Rie Warren

Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 1

by Rie Warren

Walker is apart of a group Operation T-Zone, it’s not special or black op they are much darker than that.  He has a great group of bad ass guys around him. Walker is their Infiltrator.

Rie knows how to write bad boys and she also know how to write strong female character. Jade is an assassin  kick ass, smart mouth and strong will.
Walker and Jade have a love hate relationship but they are sexually attracted to each other even though they don’t want to be.

The bickering, the bantering, sexually frustrated is a great lead up to their fuck scene.  They have decided they are either going to fuck or fight.  So they do both.

After the great build up, yay they finally get over themselves and fuck I felt it drag on way too long.  Everything after this moment was about how many times they could do it and not much else.

I still enjoyed it and can’t wait for Justice story!

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