★ Review ☆ Wished For You: The Blogger Diaries #1 by KD Robichaux

Wished for You: The Blogger Diaries Book One by [Robichaux, KD]

Wished For You
The Blogger Diaries #1
by KD Robichaux

I like the concept of this book, a blogger turn author, her true story of  how she found her soulmate.  

The beginning to me was a lot of rambling I almost lost interested, I know some readers are going to have issues with her sleeping around but when you’re young haven’t you done anything for the soul purpose of just having fun, you know before life becomes serious and you have to adult?

 Some will want to relate to the female character but unfortunately, she can only go by how it happened, being a true story and all. If she was writing a story that wasn’t her own then she would be able to write some BS nicer story.  So I’m okay with that considering I know this is a true story, you can only account for what actually happened. 

I think she’s very brave and ballsy for putting her story out.  I can’t say I liked it but I didn’t hate it. I’m not sure if I’m interested in the rest of the series but I’m happy that she got her HEA. 

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