★ Review ☆ Hard to Forget by Bella Jewel


This series about females in male dominated role has be awe-inspiring  proving that women can do anything we set our minds to.
Hard to forget is my favorite in this series, there is so much that I loved about it.
Delaney is an awesome female character just like the rest in the series. She witty, charming and full of sassy.  She has a lot to prove being in an male dominated profession but she determined to succeed and with her mentor encouragement she will,  he has faith in her that she can do it but she needs to believe it herself.
She gets a lot of shit from her fellow coworker but that is expected, the scene where she fell into her boss’s crotch hilarious. There are plenty hilarious scene like this too.
On her first assignment she encounters Jaxson Shields.  He hates her on sight strictly because she’s  a woman he doesn’t care how qualify or good she is, he wants nothing to do with her.  
So not only does she have to prove to her mentor and herself that she can do this she now has to convince her client.
He’s arrogant, an ass and another A word I could call him, but she determined to do her job despite his assholeness.  Things start to 
change when his life in danger and she saves him, their relationship starts to shift as well.  Finally respect and also lust.  He becomes a man in lust with her as she does with him. They have to work around this while she struggles to keep her professionalism.
Available on  December 15, 2015
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