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Spooning Daisy (An Otter Bite Romance) by [McConnell, Maggie]

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Spooning Daisy
by Maggie McConnell

I read the blurb and loved it, I was ready for a great read. I find it very hard to get into, it was very slow pace.  I do however like Daisy, she has a unique quirkiness to her. Max, I’m not sure how to take him. 

It didn’t pick up till I reached 50%.

I’m skimmed read till she got to her chef job. As I continued to keep reading Max becomes a complete asshole, there’s is nothing redeeming about him at all. He’s not charming, likeable or anything.  For me to enjoy a story I need to like the couple only liking one-half makes it difficult to get into the story. 

I kept skim reading and I couldn’t go any further with the  book.  

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