❣❣ Release Blitz ❣❣ Tomorrow’s Too Late: Sniper 1 Security #3 by Nicole Edwards

 Ready for the next Sniper 1 Security? 

Then check out Nicole’s latest release – Tomorrow’s Too Late, book 3 of the Sniper 1 Security series!

Tomorrow’s Too Late
Nicole Edwards
A man with a painful past.
Hunter Kogan is no
stranger to pain. For the past five years, he has been in a downward spiral,
his days dark and grey. He spends most of his waking hours stumbling through,
hating every second, wishing he didn’t even exist.
A woman with a secret.
Danielle Davidson was
born with a secret, one she knows should never get out. That very secret was
what had her running from the only man she’s ever loved. But it seems someone
has figured it out, and they want her dead because of it.
A man who can save them both.
Kye Sterling knows Hunter
has a troubled past. He knows someone hurt the man, which is the very reason he
doesn’t mind getting close, wanting to ease Hunter’s pain in the only way he
knows how. Not that it’s working. Nothing seems to be working.
When Max Adorite comes to
Sniper 1 Security seeking personal protection for his cousin Danielle, the
world as Hunter and Kye know it will forever be changed. 

Can the three of them
figure out the threat to Dani before a madman gets his revenge? Can Hunter
finally move out of the past and get the answers he so desperately needs? Or
will he end up pushing away the two people who could pull him out of the
darkness and into the light?

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