❣❣ Review ❣❣ A Gentleman for Christmas by Prescott Lane



A Gentleman for Christmas
by Prescott Lane

I love Christmas it’s my fave time of the year. I would rather read a Christmas romance than watching those cheesy Xmas movies on Hallmark.

Jax is a Relationship Guru who’s first love Skylar has broken up with her boyfriend, his best friend. He grew up with her but because of a Bro code, he let his best friend Luke go after her, a decision he sorely regrets.

Skylar comes home and Jax feels he now has a second chance and he’s not going to blow it this time. Of course he’s thinking of the bro code but honestly, it’s fair game if the other did the dirty.

It becomes very awkward for all involved.

I do wish however more was said about the Luke and Skylar break up situation. I just felt it was incomplete and was kinda swept under the rug. It needed to be drawn out more.


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