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by N.L. Blake

1 This-had-so-much-potential stars

So this came highly recommended by one of my fav girls and let’s just say, she and I seem to share a very similar love when it comes to our book hubbies, so I totally jumped on board with this one.

I’m going to get this out of the way fast, you know, the band-aid method, because it seriously needs to be said. This novella needs a team of betas and a really good editor.
There were so many missed words, the scene’s changed (pants to skirt kind of changes) and just all over, kind of sloppy. Now, Yes, I know, that sounds harsh, but I would rather give a little advice then not say a word and let the author publish something I know people will rip her about.

Ok, so the story itself.

Dash is a sex addict and has been to his fair share of therapist’s, his new one being Miss Tessa.
He doesn’t want a cure, hell he doesn’t even want any treatment, I’m honestly not sure why he is even there to start with.
But he stays because of Tessa. The way she reacts to his wild tales in their handful of sessions, the way she watches him without judgments or disgust, it makes him want her all the more, and he plans on getting what he wants by any means.

Tessa loves her work, she loves to help people and sex addiction is something that fascinates her.
She’s always kept things strictly professional, all the way down to dressing extremely bland to not ”distract” her patients.
That is until Dash.

I can’t say much else, I mean I’m sure what I’ve said is enough.
*sigh* The story itself wasn’t all bad, it truly has a lot of potential to have been one phenomenal debut if it had been given some room, some research on sex addiction (because really, this has no real substance to the real life of a sex addict, it was romanticized and that is not ok, I will get to that in a moment) and time for some real character and relationship building and it was more… polished in the grammar department.

Sex addiction… This is a real thing. it’s not something that’s “super hot”. It’s an illness. One that affects all aspects of a persons life including psychological effects like depression, shame, anxiety, and also can lead to substance abuse to cope with the negative downfall of addiction.

Dash comes across very… empowered at being addicted to sex, which is the complete opposite of a true addict.
Most, if not all feel so powerless, they are a prisoner to their sexual need, they have no real control, just like any other addiction.
Look, I could sit here and go on about all the clinical symptoms but if you want to get a more accurate feel on what it means to live as sex addict, because this book is so far from the truth, its not funny, then maybe check out the movie Shame, or hell, read CD Reiss’ book, Kick (book 1 in her Forbidden series), two fantastic stories with real substance.

Ok, Ok. So the characters…
Dash is not an addict, he is a man with a high sex drive and yes, he is pretty damn hot with a dirty mouth that he knows how to use. I only wish he used it a little more and actually build something with Tessa.

Tessa… Argh! She was too flat for me. She didn’t really have a backbone or any real personality. She just went with whatever was happening rather than fighting for what she wanted and believed in.

I wanted to love it. I tried so hard, but everything just came up short.
If you were to take away the element of the addiction, this would have been a 2-3 star read.
If you just want a quick read with a few sex memories from a “sex addict” along and a kind of hot a sex scene with no real depth, this one is for you.

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