❣❣ Review ❣❣ All My Life by Prescott Lane


All My Life
by Prescott Lane

Devlyn has always been in the background and was there for anything they needed friend, mother figure. This story starts a little different Garrett daughter Mia’s is off to college and is concern her dad is going to be lonely.

He hasn’t dated much, his life has been solely Mia. For her valedictorian speech, she lets everyone know her dad is single and she’s looking for dates for him. This goes viral.

He decides to humor her by allowing 3 dates. The dates are disastrous, a feminist, selfie queen and the only one that was any good knew he belonged to someone else.

This was a good thing now he knows want he wants. Operation time to woo Devlyn.

I loved this story it’s no secret single dad reads are my absolute favorite.
I loved everything about this, the dad, his loving relationship with his daughter, the way he is with Devlyn and even his dad who knew all along.


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