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Beautiful Bastard (Angel's Dust) by [Blake, N.L]

Beautiful Bastard
by N.L. Blake

:: UPDATE ::

After the author contacted me because they didn’t like my review, I was informed that the reason I didn’t like this story is because the novella has, and I quote “dark romance elements, with a dark universe”.

This novella has been promoted on social media, and the arc sign up as a “hot and steamy, full-length standalone” and a “romance /new adult/collage/ contemporary” on Amazon, a total contradiction to the dark genre.

The “hero” is a jerk who treats everyone like crap until the very end, that does <u>not</u> make him dark, that makes him an asshole.
I read dark all the time, dark, disturbing and unforgivable is my comfort zone, this has <b>no</b> dark elements.

I stand by my original honest review, my rating came from a combination of editing and storyline, which is what all of my reviews always consist of.

I agreed to re-read this once it was final so I could remove my issues on editing, there wasn’t much of a change.

70’ish pages doesn’t give you a lot of room to create depth and growth, I get that. But this was more like the author has tried to squeeze a novel size storyline into a novella size word count and that is where this all fell short. Because no matter how much the author tried to school me on the “evolution” of Jake, this story (and Jake) still lacked development.


:: Original Review ::

So . . . I have no clue where to begin with this one.
I was sent this as an ARC and dug in right away, I mean it’s releasing really soon, it’s super short and I had the time.

Now, while I understand some arcs are un-proofed and unedited, those are Always stated. This one was not, the first I received turns out to have been a beta edition (wasn’t aware), so a lot of my problems and low rating comes from the sloppiness (yes, I know I said this about her first book, Addicted, but it is the same for this one too) and lack of editing and proofreading.

Even after receiving the second arc, the edited – final edition, I am still finding inconsistencies, repetitiveness, missing/incorrect words, and spelling and grammar issues. And before someone bitches at my grammar, I am Not an author trying to sell my work.

So with all that editing issues out of the way, let’s get to the story.

From the description, I was ready for a short steamy romance.
I did not get that.

Tandy O’Hara is an author whose book has been picked up for a movie deal and her best friend roped her into working on set doing the screenwriting, which she is less than happy about, especially when she finds out who they have cast as the leading man.

Jake Morgan.

Jake is your typical arrogant, self-entitled rich brat you always hear about. Though this one has zero redeemable qualities and spends almost the entire novella either being high, drunk, having sex, or should I say using women or being a complete unprofessional knob on set, especially towards Tandy.

He has some serious trust issues, believing everyone, Tandy included is only out to use him for their own gain, hypocritical in a lot of ways seeing how he uses women the entire novella.

Anywho, Tandy gets under his skin. She has a backbone and doesn’t just fall at his feet hoping to get at least a one-nighter with Mr. Movie-Star Jake. All Tandy wants is to get this movie under wraps so she can get back to her writing and get the hell away from him, you know until she doesn’t, that is.

As I said, Jake has zero redeemable qualities, seriously, he is all over the place with a different girl on his junk every other scene all while trying to “prove Tandy is a user” (insert eye roll). Thought this could be because the second Jake stops being a complete tool, you are like in the last few pages.

There was no real growth for Jake, Tandy too, it went from hate to love in a mere turn of the page without any real progress. Trust me I get insta-love, but this was Not instalove.

Overall, if this was more polished, and yes again, given some more time for them to actually grow, this could have been a good read.



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