❣❣ Review ❣❣ Captivated by Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield

Captivated by [Bailey, Tessa , Dangerfield, Eve]

by Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield

This story is a little strange, an aspiring comedian Autumn (which doesn’t happen till towards the end) and a recluse Blake.

Autumn has a kinky side and thinks Blake is the man who can fulfill this side of her. She likes to role play, her fave being an abductee and taken against her will.
She fantasizes about him taking her roughly and she fights against him. I did find it weird this innocent aspiring comedian like it kinky and rough.

I’m not sure if I buy it, however, the sex scenario and role play are hot AF. Some parts were too drawn out for me like pages and pages of the same scene and not really adding anything to it.

I did love the way Blake encouraged her to live her dream because her ex didn’t. Even though some part were weird and a bit farfetched they were really a great couple.


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