❣❣ Review ❣❣ Consequences of Rejection by Rachel Van Dyken


Consequences of Rejection
by Rachel Van Dyken

Poor Jason, I could have cried for Jason.
The woman he loved and wanted to start a family with rejected him after his proposal and left town with his best friend.

10 years later they meet up when she returns to town, I have to say I did not like her actions towards Jason. She acted like he did something wrong and not herself. You do find out why she did what she did and it’s understandable but still hurt him nonetheless.

His friends are a hilarious great bunch of guys, it did annoy me they try to get him back to Maddy because I felt with what she did to him she didn’t deserve him but I felt it was done out of love. They wanted to help him find closure and move on.

I now have to go and read the other boy’s stories especially Max because it was adorable.


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