❣❣ Review ❣❣ Flirting with Fire: Blue Collar Brothers #1 by Piper Rayne

Flirting with Fire (Blue Collar Brothers #1)

Flirting with Fire
Blue Collar Brothers #1
by Piper Rayne

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this read.
I hate high school reads especially when it involves meanness.

In the high school years, I thought Mauro would be a big jerk but I didn’t think he was. Madison was the nerdy girl. She has issues from high school as they called her Fatty Maddie but she has blossomed as a grown up.

Seriously though a series about 3 hot Italian brothers (oh la la) who each work in a different emergency service provider. A fireman, police officer, and a paramedic. First of all sounds like a hot dirty joke (3 hot brothers walk into a bar) A fireman, police officer and a paramedic and to up the hotness level emergency service provider. Holy hotness.

Mauro and Madison (M&M), I found him to be an absolute sweetheart and the way he worshipped Madison after pegging her wrong. I adore Madison, total sweetheart, probably why she and Mauro are a great match.

What I love about Piper Rayne characters is there’s always a great bond. The boys being brothers obvious but the three ladies Maddie, Lauren and Vanessa. Maddie is the sweet one, Lauren the crazy one but I loved her craziness and I haven’t quite pegged Vanessa yet.

I absolutely loved it, favorite couple and favorite book.


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