❣❣ Review ❣❣ Foolish Games: Cartwright Brothers #3 by Lillianna Anderson

Foolish Games (Cartwright Brothers) by [Anderson, Lilliana]

Foolish Games:
Cartwright Brothers #3
by Lillianna Anderson

There’s nothing I like more than a troublemaker. I always like to see how the other person handles it.

You don’t mess with the Cartwright I kinda like that she does and zero fucks given. She knew she shouldn’t but it’s in her nature to be defiance. When you mess with a Cartwright there are consequences.

I like Kristian, I feel him and Veronica are well suited.

I have to say there was a sad moment made me cry for her, it was heartbreaking to read she didn’t think she was worthy or she belonged.

The great thing about this series the brothers are paired with the right women, the women that compliments and challenge him.

Looking forward to Abbott and Sloane.


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