❣❣ Review ❣❣ If We Leap: What If Prequel by Nina Lane

If We Leap (What If Book 1) by [Lane, Nina]

If We Leap: What If #1
by Nina Lane

Wow, this is a great introduction to the duet.

Josie is so lovable and dorky I find her endearing. Cole is the total opposite, he has been tagged as the town weirdo (small town b/s). Rumors have been flying around about him so of course, small mind town folks are going to believe it.

This is a beautiful story of a first crush, first love. Cole is so sweet to Josie. They met when they were very young and Josie has been an annoyance to him since which secretly I think he likes. They meet up later in life (college age) and she still has a thing for him. Things go well for them, a kiss and a swim. They fall in love, then their world falls apart.

So much was packed into this short read. I know the next book is going to be a hard read. All I can think about is Cole, what did you do or what has his asshole father done to him.

I don’t think ‘If we fall’ is going to be an easy read, I’m already filled with angst and anxiety. I had forgotten how much I love Nina’s words.

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