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I'm Sawree by [Blaque, B.B.]

I’m Sawree
by B.B. Blaque

Good Lord! What the hell did I just read?!

So I put up a post asking for Dark Romance recommendations and Elaine was Very vocal about this one so I grabbed it.

Sawree (pronounced Sorry – Yep I asked lol) is struggling to deal with a traumatic past that she not only can’t seem to let go of but can’t seem to fully remember it all.
Her sister and psychologist are continuously on her back, trying to get her to open up and talk about it, to heal and move forward like a “normal person”, but she just can’t.

When things get too intense and the nightmares threaten to push her over the edge, pain is what brings her back to life and only one person can do that for her.

Master Sterling (insert crazy lovey eyes).

I kinda love Sterling, like hard!
I’ve been told he that one character that isn’t redeemable, and the more I think about it, I don’t believe that not completely. Not because I want him to be redeemed and become the “good guy,” but because I don’t think redemption is needed.
He is what is he, he is not broken, he is not damaged and he makes no apologies or gives any illusions to be anything other than the sadistic, emotionally disconnected man that gets his utmost pleasures from inflicting pain and pure fear in his Pretty Kitty to help quieten her mind.

But his work can only last so long before the demons are back, pushing the truth to the front of her mind, and let me just say, nothing is as it seems!

Ok, so I have to stop there, I am sliding so close to telling you everything and that will just be a shame.

I do feel I need to touch on the trigger warning, because the blurb really doesn’t tell you anything other then it has triggers, and that doesn’t really help anyone.
Sawree has so many triggers, more than I can even explain without giving away the entire story. But I will say it has rape, torture, murder, graphic violence and so much more, so if that’s not your cup of tea, move along.

Also, this is NOT dark romance! I repeat, NOT dark romance!
There is no romance, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one dark psychological read that seriously messes with your mind and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but in such a delicious way.

Watch out Beebs, you got a new stalk . . . er I mean fan 😉


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