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International Guy: Milan, San Francisco, Montreal (International Guy Volumes Book 2) by [Carlan, Audrey]

International Guy: Vol. 2
Milan, San Francisco, Montreal
by Audrey Carlan


MILAN: 3 Stars

I didn’t read the first lot of 3 stories before these ones and do recommend you do to get the background.

Parker is the CEO of IG a business he runs advising the wealthiest people in the world on love and life.
This time he’s in Milan to lend his help for a fashion show, lingerie for real woman.

His relationship with Skyler becomes exclusive and they have to battle the paparazzi relentless pursuit into their relationship. I think we all know how brutal social media can be and dating an a-list celebrity cannot be easy.

I find the guys Parker, Bogart and Royce to be annoying frats boys.
I didn’t care for them to be honest.


Parker and Royce are heading to San Francisco, helping a wealthy client to find a man.

Royce had a flirty smirk on his face which to me and I know Parker noticed spells trouble. Royce has done his homework and seems to know everything about Rochelle their client.

The chemistry between Royce and Rochelle is palatable.
As Rochelle lists her must have, one leaves Royce out of the running. Parker not keen on Royce lusting after Rochelle but seriously what can he do, he slept with two of their client, one being Skyler.

I do like Parker and Skyler in this one they seem to have found their groove. The job was successful and a job well done. They found the client a good man. However, things are not so well for Parker and Skyler.

I did find I liked guys in this story, always there for each other and treat each other like brothers.

MONREAL: 2 Stars

The guys are heading to Montreal.

Cyber-tech company CEO wants them to ferret out a rat in her company who’s selling secrets.
Unfortunately, this one was my least favorite.

The CEO Alexis was, in my opinion, shameless flirt and completely unprofessional.
After the last book, Skyler and Parker relationship comes to a screeching halt. Due to him being a dumb ass he becomes a whiny bitch pretty much throughout the whole book.


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