❣❣ Review ❣❣ Knights Rising: Rumblin’ Knights #1 by Bella Jewel

Knights Rising (Rumblin' Knights Book 1) by [Jewel, Bella]

Knights Rising:
Rumblin’ Knights #1 

by Bella Jewel

I love hate/love relationship they’re so much fun to read. The hating part then comes the loving part (sometimes).

Shania needs the help of the club and Lincoln has decided he is going to be the one to help her. Obviously things are not going to run smoothly with these two bickering.

She’s looking for her old boss for reasons she won’t say and you’re left wondering what the hell does she want with him. She had a crush on him and he wasn’t an complete ass. But she adamant that she must find him.

It’s jaw dropping I must admit, (the reason) as far as surprises go this one is a big one and threw me for a loop. Absolutely shocked.

I liked certain things about this story but found other parts fell flat for me.
For me it’s missing that special magic that Joker Wrath and MC Sinners series have.


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