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Link'd Up (Dead Presidents MC Book 1) by [Stone, Harley]

Link’d Up
The Dead Presidents MC Series #1
by Harley Stone

So I stumbled upon Harley Stone when she did a take over in another author’s group and boy am I happy I won a copy of Link’d Up!
I mean come on I found my new hubs 😉

I am not too big on MC anymore. I mean after a major MC binge a while back they all started to blur together, you know, different club, same probs.
This is so not the case with Link’d Up! It was so refreshing to read something different, and not just by the clubs name 😉

Link (Tyler Lincoln) is a Military Vet who is now President of an MC dedicated to helping other vets readjust, it is basically a brotherhood that gives them the family they need to have their backs in any situation. This guy is seriously swoony and totally worthy of book hubby status!

When Link’s best friend winds up arrested over beating a scumbag to a pulp, he wants no one but the best to get his brother out and off all charges. But when he lays his eyes on the best in the business, he knows she is more than just an attorney for his brother, she will also be His old lady.

Emily. . . damn!
You want to talk about strong female leads? Look no further than Em.
Emily is one of the top defense attornies going and she knows to be taken seriously she needs to have her head in the game and take no crap from no one. She is ruthless, smart, and always willing to bring justice to light, no matter the cost. Which is why when Link push’s Havoc’s case at her, she can not say no.

Link is not looking for a groupy or a fling, he needs someone who will give back as much as his bossy butt dishes out, that one person who will match him and better him but who will have his back just like his brothers would.
Em doesn’t give in easy. She is set in her ways and is more stubborn then Link is at times, but she needs someone like him, someone who will hold her and let her crumble in his arms when things get too much and also be that someone who will stand beside her every step of the way.

The chemistry and compatibility are beyond scorching and the banter is freakin hilarious, especially when you add in Jayson. Simply put, these two together are explosive and I can not wait to start Havoc’s book just so I can get some sneak peaks from the hubs 😉


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