❣❣ Review ❣❣ The Blood That Drives Us: The Devils Dust MC Legacy #1 by M.N. Forgy

The Blood That Drives Us (The Devils Dust MC Legacy Book 1) by [Forgy, M.N.]

The Blood That Drives Us
The Devils Dust MC Legacy #1
by M.N. Forgy 

They are back!

I have missed this series (aka Shadow lol) and have been dying to read about the grown-up Brats. I mean, we are talking about Shadow and Dani’s son here, you know it’s going to be epic, almost as epic as his Dad’s story 😉

Dark and light… that’s the best way to sum up Zane and Addie.
and the chemistry is (as always) explosive. Nothing and no one could stop these two.

“My love for her is louder than my demons. Maybe, just maybe, I can tame them enough to be with her.”

I don’t want to give too much away, so if you loved Devil’s Dust, you are going to be swooning over the brats!
Missy can write anything, seriously anything, but This is where she shines and gives you monumental stories with her dark, and dangerous men (and women) with hearts of gold for those who deserve it.

Bring on the next brat 😉


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