❣❣ Review ❣❣ The Heights: Lakeshore #1 by Amy Aislin

The Heights (Lakeshore Book 1) by [Aislin, Amy]

The Heights:
Lakeshore #1
by Amy Aislin

Argh! Ok, so I have tried to read this book 4 times now.
I have given myself a break, picked up something different, came back and still, I just can not force myself to finish after 72%.

I was so excited by the blurb, it sounded incredible and had so much promise, which is why I gave it so many chances.

Firstly, I am not too big on third-person, so that was a bit of an issue but definitely not a deal breaker.
This story seemed all over the place and rushed and I found it repetitive in a lot of places which left e more than a little frustrated.

Speaking of frustrating . . .  !!SPOILER!!

Before y’all bite my head off, I know this is M/M, BUT… Am I the only person who was frustrated that EVERYONE had to be gay? Like Quinn is gay, his twin is gay and biological brother is gay. So of course, his adopted brother has to be gay too? SMH, it’s ok not to be gay too, just saying 🙂
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Then you have the relationship between the main characters, Quinn and Nat. I don’t understand it. I honestly think there was too much going on and their relationship took a major backseat. You don’t get to experience their relationship grow, it just goes fro nothing to complete in the span of a few pages. Its just not believable to me, and I’m the queen of Insta-love stories.

I don’t want to go on and on about all the things I didn’t like or how it didn’t work for me.  at the end of the day, the storyline had potential, sadly for me, the execution wasn’t pulled off.


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