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Whispers in the Dark (Dark Romance) by [Newton, LeTeisha]

Whispers in the Dark
by LeTeisha Newton

This is my first read of LeTeisha and I will definitely be back for more. You know, after I see a therapist from this one 😉

First and foremost, the warning.
There is a lot of triggers in this one and I had to actually have a bit of a breather a few times, but I just had to dive back in.
Murder, kidnapping, mental and physical abuse, torture and yes, rape, if any of these are a hard limit for you, I would recommend you skip this one.

I saw words like dark, twisted, insane and thought “omg I need this!”
We all know I love dark romance, there is just something about it that calls to me, making my little black heart flutter. But in all honesty, those labels above do not do this book any justice.
It’s such a heartbreaking, brutal, and disturbingly beautiful story.

Jacob, born the son of a true monster and one of his many captive toys, he was raised, no, trained to be just like his father.
His father kidnapped young girls since before Jacob was born, breaking them and training them to be his perfect, submissive “toys” meant for his pleasure alone. His father want’s an army of sons from his ‘toy’ to carry out his legacy.

His father brings him home the perfect toy, a blonde haired, fair skinned, feisty girl that will be his first and meant solely for him.

Jacob isn’t quite like his dear old dad though, he is considered weak, a disappointment in his fathers eyes and suffers the same rape, torture, and humiliation as the captives in the basement.
Losing more than just his dignity and pride, he also loses her to his father, he must now watch as he takes what belongs to him, and that brings Jacobs darkness out in full force.

18-year-old Alana was walking to school, the next thing she knows she is waking up locked in a cage, her fate being explained to her by another captive.
The horror that she suffers are unimaginable, not just physically, but mentally. She won’t give in, she won’t just lay down and let the monster break her.

Jacob and Alana find comfort in each other, Jacob fully believing that she is his and he will free her from his father, once he is strong enough, and then he will take her as his own, though she has other plans, ones that don’t include him, no matter how much of a bond they have.

8 years have passed since they escaped their prison, and Jacob is ready to take back what belongs to him, Alana.
But she isn’t some meek captive anymore.

Jacob and Alana aren’t like most couples we read about in dark romance. They aren’t insane, at least not in my mind lol, they aren’t looking for the other to save them from the darkness and bring them back to the light, they want acceptance, they want the other to not only embrace the darkness but to match it with their own and set their world alight. and boy do they do that!

This is a heartbreaking story of two souls who were destined for each other from the start, who had to claw their way out of hell and endure some of the most horrific and soul-crushing things to forge their own paths in the shadow, together.


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