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Happy Hour
by Piper Rayne

I have enjoyed reading this series not sure I can say which lady is my fave as all three women are interesting and unique characters.

I was intrigued by this story having the hots for your ex’s divorce lawyer, the a-hole that gave your money away to an undeserving a-hole.

The sexual tension and the lust factor between Hannah and Mr Baldwin (I mean Roarke) is strong. It is totally acceptable for her to hate him he seems to thrive on her hate.

It’s a new concept to me I haven’t read about a divorcee and her ex’s lawyer hooking up.

I love how Victoria and Chelsea are different with their approach to Victoria predicament. What can I say about Roarke, I like him he knows what he wants and he’s prepared to swoon her. She thought he was a big jack ass but truth be told she doesn’t trust him not to break her heart but he’s a better guy than she thought.

What I really liked about this series is the closeness of the woman how they lift each other up.


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