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Would you live a lie to hold onto the one you love?

Dean and Jason are best friends, like brothers since boyhood, now architecture students and college roommates. They’ve always had each other’s back, but when one walks in on the other with another man, everything changes. How do you explain to your best friend that he’s the one you’ve always wanted, that until now your life has been a lie?

Desperation and shame are two dirty words that run through Jason’s veins. He carries the scars from a wayward priest who stole his innocence and left him shattered. Meanwhile for years he’s watched Dean pursuing woman after woman, as his own heart slowly breaks.

When their world blows apart, they learn the powerful bond between them has more fire than either understood. Can two broken souls find the light in their darkness and come together to make a whole, or will sins of the past be forever unforgiven?

***This standalone is a M/M love story with graphic sex. Trigger warning.

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. . . . Words have kind of left me. My heart is so full of hurt, sadness, anger and of course, love, so much love. I fought with the rating on this, but in the end, I am a total mess, all the feels, good, bad and downright ugly and still floating around and leaving me in a bit of a funk, therefore, this deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

When I saw the teaser for this come across my blog, I was like “YES! I need this!” and somehow convinced my bestie, Ang from PNR Book Lover Reviews to buddy read with me (she will be thinking twice next time lol).

Dual POV normally aren’t my fav, it’s so easy to get lost and forget whose head you are in if it’s not written well. This was not an issue, Ruth’s writing style is incredible. You feel every little (or big) emotion these men go through.

Jason (JJ) and Dean have been best friends pretty much forever, only Jason’s feelings have always been more than just friendship, he has been secretly in love with Dean all along.

Ashamed and damaged from things from his past that has truly fucked with his head and his attraction to men, Jason tries hiding his true self and his true desires by acting like the biggest playboy going around. That’s until one night at a party Dean walks in on him and Roman (aka douchebag.)

Dean is straight, like an arrow straight and assumed Jason is just as straight as he is. Walking in on a guy giving JJ head leaves Dean confused, jealous, angry and more worrying to himself, turned on.

While these two explore their new found feelings, and boy does their exploring get hot enough to melt your kindle and leave you heading for a cold shower, they also tackle some really hard subjects and obstacles. This story takes on a Very angsty, bumpy and brutally heartbreaking real and raw road that will leave you crying, from both gut-wrenching sadness to over the moon happiness, cursing, falling in love to growling at your kindle, and that rollercoaster of feels is totally on repeat.

Without giving too much away, this story will take you on a journey that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Jason and Dean are both strong, courageous, real characters that show you, no, makes you feel that Love is Love is Love and love will always have your back.


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About the Author:

Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director Bob Clampett, grew up surrounded by artists and animators. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, she has been VP of Design for Warner Brothers Studio Stores and taught photography at UCLA. Today she runs her own studio and as the Fine Art publisher for Warner Brothers Studios has come to know and work with some of the world’s greatest artists in the fields of animation and comics

Ruth lives and works in Los Angeles, strictly supervised by her teenage daughter, who helps plan their summer around their yearly pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con.


Connect with the Author:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RuthClampettWrites/

Twitter: @RuthyWrites

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