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1001 Dark Nights:
Prince Roman
by CD Reiss

Roman . . . . What is it about Roman’s? Why are they all so damn sexy and irresistible?

Anywho, This novella is short and to the point, and in true Christine fashion, it is damn hot!

Raven wants stability in her life, she wants security, something she has never had, and with her new job position, she is on the right track.
She just needs to stick with her own set of rules.

Rule1: Do Not have sex with the man in the office – again.
Rule2: Do Not break rule 1.

Thankfully for her, her new job has a no fraternizing rule in place for its workers.

But when her eyes lock with Roman, her need to follow the rules aren’t as steadfast as they originally were.

Roman has his life planned out and he has every intention of getting what he wants, a partnership at Neuronet, and he is so close to that goal. That is until Raven walks in and makes him question what he really wants.

These two are thrown together to work side by side on a program for the company, and it doesn’t take too long for these two to break all the rules in what is meant to be “Just one night”, but when is one night ever enough when your heart (or there is a famous Reiss alpha) is involved?

So I have been told (after I finished this novella) that we meet Raven in King of Code, looks like that is being bumped up the TBR!


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