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All I Am: Drew's Story (A This Man Novella) by [Malpas, Jodi Ellen]

All I Am
Drew’s Story – 
A This Man Novella
by Jodi Ellen Malpas


Ok, so when I saw Drew was getting a story I was so freakin excited, and I will be honest, it wasn’t just for Drew, I wanted THE LORD! Even if just in the background, I miss Jesse!
And let me tell you, Central Jesse Cloud Nine was achieved!

But as I turned the pages, I fell more and more in love with Drew! I am not sure why I am surprised by that, Jodi is freakin amazing and her men (and women for that matter) always dig their way into your heart.

Drew . . . . *sigh*
Where do I even start? This man is pretty much perfect.
He is a devoted and adoring father. He’s entire world revolves around his little girl, Georgia, and boy, does she have her daddy wrapped around her little finger.
But when he has his free time, he is like a light switch, he becomes the confident, sexy, dominating man we expect to see.

The chemistry between Drew and Raya leaps off the pages from the second their eyes meet and only gets more intense as the pages turn.

Drew is convinced he will never settle down, he doesn’t trust women after what Coral did to him, who can blame him. After The Manor shuts it’s doors forever, he finds a new home at HUX.

Raya is going through a really bad patch in her life, and she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. All she know’s is she wants to Forget everything that is dragging her heart down. She wants cold, emotionless, dominating. She got Drew. Which turns out to be the opposite of what she asked for, but exactly what they both need.

Argh! A novella . . . Why Jodi, WHY?!
Because this is pretty short, I am going to stop here, I don’t want to go into too many details and spoil everything.
I really loved this story, I could have happily read more of Drew and Raya and of course, Jesse and Sam! Talk about a PMSL at these two giving Drew “love advice”.

Is this as hot as Jesse? Umm. . . . You know Jesse, right? Of course it’s not as hot, but it’s still panty melting.

Get ready to laugh, cry, grab a vibe, and fall in love, not necessarily in that order 😉


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