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Bare-Knuckle Love (biker gay dark erotic romance) (Rabid Mongrels MC Book 1) by [Merikan, K.A.]

Bare-Knuckle Love:
Rabid Mongrels MC #1
by K.A. Merikan

Woah! How do I even start this review?

It was HOT! Like insanely take-a-cold-shower-hot and I floved every moment, even the ones that left my heart breaking.

Jason has been told all his life he isn’t any good at anything. But turns out illegal underground fighting is something he is very good at.
Needing the money, he makes a deal to throw the fight until he spys Hyde, his high school crush and he refuses to lose in front of him.

Sweet, scared and slightly crazy Jason is in such denial of who he truely is and makes my heart hurt a few times with how he see’s himself and his self-worth all because of how his father and brother treated him, but it doesn’t take long for his desires to surface when he is eye-to-cock with Hyde.

Hyde *sigh* scary, slightly insane President of the Rabid Mongrels MC with a total soft side, Hyde!
From the second I met him, I just wanted him all to myself, sorry Jason, you have to share 😉 Hyde has a perfect life. On the outside, he married his high school sweetheart and has a son. But on the inside, it’s a little different. Hyde is gay, just not openly so.

Jason costs him a lot of money when won that fight, so Hyde moves him into his house with his family (and what an interesting family this is) to make sure Jason wins back every cent he lost them.
The more time these two spend together, the more their attraction and need for each other surfaces but they only have a limited time together, once he wins back the money he lost, Jason will be no longer under Hyde’s control.

Hyde is so open with his want for Jason, while Jason fights it at every turn because of his inner demons, after betraying Hyde’s trust for the second time, Jason now has to decide if he is going to try and get what he really wants, or win the fight and betray Hyde all over again.

This is my first Kat and Agnes book, and I was not disappointed.
Ok, so I was a little disappointed, I want more, like now!
Hyde is such a dominating #asshole, but there is also something about him that just makes my heart flutter, Jason better be good to him <3

p.s If you weren’t like me and kept clicking after the story was over (in hopes there was more lol) then you would have missed that there will be More Hyde and Jason! *squee!!* A trilogy is in the works and I for one and freaking beyond excited to have more Hyde <3

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