❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Big Daddy by Ava Sinclair

Big Daddy
by Ava Sinclair

The blurb, the teasers, and the promise of an intense, sexy Daddy Dom story were all present when I practically begged for this arc. Sadly, 20% in and I was regretting it.

I forced myself to finish this story, just in case it picked up, but for me; it didn’t.

The story was kind of all over the place. Jill was borderline eye-rolling annoying and there was next to no chemistry between the Jill and Max, no to mention the sex scenes came across as extremely rushed and just thrown in there for the sake of it.

The cheesy dig at Fifty Shades made me crack up laughing because well, it’s true, but this is no better, being in the lifestyle over 13 years it was insulting to say the least.

Such a shame, there was so much potential.

I’m not going to bore you guys, if you’re looking for a super hot Daddy Dom book that runs true to the lifestyle, this is not it.

I will say though the spankings were pretty hot, they were the saving grace 😉


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