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Branded: A Father's Best Friend Short Story (Best Friends Book 1) by [Michele, Ryan]

A Father’s Best Friend Short Story
by Ryan Michele 

Holy cow, forbidden never looked so damn good!

While on break, Emma decides home is the best place to be. So wrong.
She has been crushing on her father best friend for years and hasn’t really spoken to him since he turned her down and gave her the “You’re like my daughter” speech.So guess who is sitting right there waiting to greet her. With some woman half his age.

And seriously, what’s not to crush on? Dark longish hair, deep blue eyes, tattoos everywhere and muscles for days, oh and rides a freakin Harley! *fans face*
Yep, that’s Grady in a nutshell.

Grady wants’s to talk, Emma doesn’t want to get hurt, but in the true alpha fashion, he makes sure he is heard loud and clear.

My only complaint would be not enough Grady! #TotalGradyWhore here! I would have loved if there wasn’t a huge gap in the timeline, perhaps Ryan can fill in the blanks for us in another story 😉 #MoreGradyPlease!

But hey, if you want hot (super short) instalove with a growly, moody, alpha older man, and a very feisty and outspoken woman, look no further!
This seriously is a must instalove short <3

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