❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Condemned by him by LM Roberts

Condemned By Him: A Dark Erotic Romance (Shattered Hearts Trilogy Book 1) by [Roberts, L.M.]
Condemned by him 
By LM Roberts

If you’re expecting a romantic story do not look here, there’s nothing romantic about this story at all.
Talon is fucked in the head from abuse as a child, he likes to inflict pain and gets great pleasure from it. He has acquired Everly as payment for services rendered.
I like her, I thought she would be a weakingly mouse but she’s a lot tougher than I thought.
He’s a right asshole with mood swings who if he wasn’t such a jackass could really make a go of it with Everly.
His housekeeper is hilarious she’s the only one who’s not scared of him.
What saved this story for me is the great ending completely blindsided by it.
I like the unexpected twist at the end.
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