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Daddy Dearest by [Starling, Isabella]

Daddy Dearest
by Isabella Starling

** spoiler alert **

This is so sad…. So this was my most anticipated release for October and I am so bummed it was a flop.

There were a few reasons, firstly, Isa really needs to label her work correctly and not use a blurb that is completely misleading.
“My twin sister and I share everything. But not him.”
Total bullshit, if I knew this was ménage I wouldn’t have looked twice at this book. However, in Isa’s defense, this could have been made into a ménage with all the “changes” she made to it on release day.

Secondly, there were a few inconsistencies. Again, I think these are there because of the rushed changes on release day, I mean these things are bound to happen, right?

The start of the book is a letter to Daddy Levi presumed to be from Kendall, which I think it was really meant to be from Kendall well until the changes, and if that’s the case, those are what made this book a total flop for me, anywho, the letter says she watched and listened to him with other woman, listening to him call them her. Smh if this was really from Amanda (the twin) then it would have been no shock that he was in love with Kendall and never came to her room.

Then we jump to another big inconsistency, in one part Kendall says she’s trying to remember their dad, he died when the girls were 4 years old. Then she later says her mother used a sperm donor and they never knew their father.

The (original) story sounded great and Isa’a writing is, as always, great, but between the inconsistencies and the misleading blurb… total disappointment.

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