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Dark Needs by Maris Black

Dark Needs
by Maris Black


Uhh . . . . Well . . . . That was Not what I was expecting. 
Perhaps I had my hopes up with this twincest taboo, I jumped on it the second I saw it because who doesn’t like a little m/m twincest? But this was a serious letdown for me. 

I really want to find something I loved with this story, but honestly, there really isn’t, I mean, come on, I can’t just say the sex was kinda hot and give it 2.5 stars and call it a day, or can I? 😉 

Long story short, Gavin and Bain are identical twins who have been inseparable their entire life until Gavin randomly decides to leave Bain and go to the UK for a year with no explanation. 
Fast forward a year and the twins are back together and off to a secretive film school. 

There are a few hints that they both feel something more than brotherly love for each other, but nothing that made you gasp out loud, it’s like it was a secret, not just from each other and the world, but from themselves, like they can’t even think it to themselves. I mean Gavin kept a lot from his brother, including his sexuality. 

I did feel a little sorry for Bain, he is more open about who he is, more emotional and does let his guard down on his feelings for Gavin. For the most part, though he was a little-lost pup who was so adamant he wasn’t the weaker of the twins but at every chance to prove Gavin (and everyone else) wrong, he cowered and hid behind his twin. 
Gavin, on the other hand, is the opposite of Bain. He is very over the top, especially with his overbearing, and overprotectiveness with anyone being near Bain. He is a complete surly narcissistic asshole 99.9% of the time and really wasn’t very likable. 

Overall, there was no real plot, no over the top chemistry between the twins, no build up, and nothing really showing the struggle of keeping away from the other. I was waiting for those intense “I’m so going to jump his bones in the next 10 seconds” kind of moments, but nope, I didn’t get that. 

Will I read book #2? 
Nah, I highly doubt it, there was nothing to really invest in with Gavin and Bain. 

Ps. This book is only available from HERE on Maris’ website.

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