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Sinners of Saint 0.5

by LJ Shen

After I finished reading Vicious, I needed more not wanted but needed. Leigh has become a must-read author for me.

When I read there are more stories about the Hotholes (hot assholes) I was like an addict needing her fix.  When Defy hit my Kindle I didn’t want to dive in straight away because if I started, it would eventually end and I didn’t want that. But I man up and started the book.

This is about Jaime and his teacher Melody. As this is a re-release and if you have read Vicious you will already know they are a couple but it was interesting to see how they hooked up.

I loved this just as much as Vicious, it may be a novella but it wasn’t missing anything. I usually frown when reading about assholes especially rich and privileged assholes but Jaime a charming mofo, Melody didn’t stand a chance.

I haven’t felt this excited about an author or series in awhile a lot of books start to sound the same and my pet hate is when a book bores me to tears. No issues here whatsoever. 

I look forward to more Hotholes story, well I look forward to more stories from Leigh. I absolutely loved it.

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