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Don't Trust the Cut by [Boehme, Kade]

Don’t Trust The Cut
by Kade Boehme

. . . . To say I am a mess after this read is an understatement. I have read a few of Kade’s books and become a bit of a stalk. . . . er, I mean fan 😉 due to his ability to drag me right alongside for the ride. Don’t Trust The Cut was no different.

Tucker has gone through hell and back (you don’t really find out why until around 50-60%) anywho, during a “welcome home/birthday” party for Tucker, their friend Nate and Jesse, someone Tucker hasn’t met.

Timid Tucker doesn’t even want to be at this “homecoming” party, especially since no one really knows where he has been, but Alison insists.
Jesse is Very closeted, after being medically discharged from the Military, he is trying to work out his life when his “beard” girlfriend insists he mingles at his joint homecoming party.

But the second these two lock eyes, and then lips . . . . Pow! Crack!

These two start off on shaky ground and things become messy and complicated fast when Jesse is pushed to make a choice, but neither of them can stand the thought of not being with the other.

Tucker knows he needs to be honest and tell Jesse why he keeps his arms covered, but fear stops him time and time again until it’s too late and Jesse finds out on his own. And thus the heartache begins.

Jesse tried everything he can to make Tucker see he loves him, but Tucker withdraws and shuts everyone, including his best friend out.

I can’t really say much more without telling you guys Everything.
Let’s just say, Love really can help heal wounds. . . . One day at a time.

This story is an emotional rollercoaster and will leave you with a mass of emotions. Every heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, snotty-nosed, scary sobbing emotion, I felt like a slap in the face, trust me, this is one you will need a Kade Support Kit that includes lots of chocolates, even more tissues and definitely a teddy for snuggles when shit gets real <3

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