❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Dr. Stanton by T.L. Swan


Dr. Stanton
by T.L. Swan

When you see the words Stanton and by TL Swan you know you’re in for a hot read.

This story draws you in with the very first scene. I thought it was so clever to use different languages to seduce each other it was so friggen hot.
The lie and secrets mentioned are so shocking I really didn’t see it coming, so cleverly written.

Cameron is a typical dominant male and comes off like a total asshole at times.
Ashley, how I love this woman. You don’t see woman written like Ashley she’s strong, confident and stands up for herself.

Cameron and Joshua are both dominant males and she has put the both of them in their place and their asshole mother, I loved that scene so much. It’s so refreshing to read a woman who doesn’t back down, it’s very rare.

Everyone has a crush on Cameron, I’m on Team Ashley. #girlcrush

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